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Hafiz Hamidun - MARHABA Album CD Box Set

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Hafiz Hamidun announces his return, bringing new modern Islamic Salawats to fans to release his most anticipated sixth studio album, MARHABA. The forthcoming record is a follow-up to his Zikir Terapi album series.

Hafiz recorded most of the MARHABA album in Istanbul, Turkey, and in his studio in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, alongside exceptionally talented musicians and engineers from Turkey, Egypt, the USA, Indonesia, and Australia.

MARHABA is composed of 13 tracks, including:

1. Ya Imam Ar-Rusli

2. Ahmad Ya Habibi

3. Khairal Bariyyah feat. Naufal Zayne

4. Tola' Al-Badru 'Alayna

5. Maulan Siwallah

6. Tholama Ashku Ghoromi

7. Man Sagher Habeetak

8. Yang Dinanti

9. Khairal Bariyyah

10. Penyelamat Ummah

11. Marhaban

12. Rampai Selawat

13. Mawlay Ya Solli

The evolution of Hafiz Hamidun has been nothing short of impressive. After being a nasyid group UNIC member, he became a solo artist with a string of iconic releases, an award-winning producer and composer, and a music entrepreneur with an international footprint.

His innovative contributions to nasyid music have resulted in his being named as one of the 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World.

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